What’s Your Social Style Featuring – Rikki Rincón

BIO: Rikki Rincón | Principal Creative Juice Online

Tell me a bit about what you do?

Creative Juice is a social media integration
Agency providing social media madness to your brand, message or identity. Executing both media to public relations 100% digitally from our virtual office-­ globally 7 days a week. Marketing your brand and/or message to the masses.

What is your Social Style? Do you use Humor, Straightforward, etc.

My social style is as you will see on my logo, Online. Always™, that is to say and Truly mean around the clock reality and perception For all of my clients. I use humor, straight forward facts, public relation angles and most of all, credibility. I do not think outside the box, I believe in creating a new box.

Tell me about your Twitter handle,


What is your favorite social networking site?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, HighLight

What makes you stand out on FB, Twitter, or linkedIn, or any social site that you use?

I currently operate over 13 social media accounts with a Facebook/twitter combo, The fact that I am literally Online. Always™ has given me and my company the Reputation of over delivering and executing in super fast means.

What do you like most about social media?

The ability to connect in real time with data share, files, and more without a need for email. From drop box to face time mobile to mobile data is truly the here and now, not the future.

What do you like least about social media?

Love it, no other form to move efficiently.

If there was one area that you think you need help in while using social media what would that be?

What does Branding mean to you?

Creatively embedding the identity of your client unconsiousnessly into the mindset of your targeted consumer base. The message, the perception must lift itself even Higher or equal to the reality of the deliverables.

What advice would you give to others trying to get started and noticed through these social media platforms?

I would begin with advising them to invest time in learning about the market they wish to serve. The Hispanic/Latino market Is very diverse and needs special research and time to learn the diverse needs of each subculture. Never guess at anything and slowly develop an obsession for being perfect at your craft. Utilize the latest technological gadgets to help you remain on top or ahead of your game. Realize that with regards to social media platforms, you are only as great as your re-­?invested time to live in the future and less in the now Passion is key.

What is your favorite blog?

Hispanic PR Blog

What is your favorite social media tool to use?

Tweet List, Pinterest, Facebook, HighLight, SocMetrics

Do you think the number of followers or fans matter?

Facebook the fans only matter if your metrics are high, if your engagement is very active and your re-tags, re-posts are of major value. Fan counts very little against higher metric value.

What inspires you?

What I don’t know Story here for more insight, I Thank you!