What’s Your Social Style?

My Interview with Laura Fuentes, Chief MOM at MOMables™

Laura Fuentes is a MOM on a mission. She was born and raised in Spain and came to the US in her teens. Although her background is Global Economics and has an MBA in International Business; her passions are writing, networking, and helping other parents feed their families fresh food. In grad school, she met her southern man and the rest as they say, is history. Like many working parents, she struggles with the demands of taking care of the family’s needs and running a company. She has a personal blog, SuperGlueMom.com and runs MOMables.com. Her passion for life and everything it has to offer can be read between the lines in everything she gets her hands on.

Tell me a bit about what you do?

I am the Chief MOM at MOMables™, a company dedicated to helping busy parents make fresh school lunches through a weekly subscription. I manage all aspects of the company; some days I can be found in our test kitchen with one of our chefs, teaching healthy school lunch classes for local moms, writing recipes for other online websites and magazines, chatting away on Twitter and managing our Facebook page. I am a contributor and editor of the MOMables™ blog, write on my personal blog, and a regular parenting contributor for Voxxi.com.

What is your social style? Do you use humor, straight forward etc?

It really depends where I am writing; but the one thing that is most important is that the reader can get to know me through my writing. I like to tell stories that others can relate to. Even when I contribute a recipe I like to begin with a short introduction of why I chose it or why I think the reader might like it. I like being transparent and encouraging; there is nothing like reading a post and feeling uplifted!

Tell me about your twitter handle:

My personal twitter handle is @SuperGlueMom. Over two years ago, my kids super-glued my hair while doing a craft (it was an accident, of course) and I had to chop off over 12” of hair. If you have curly hair, you know that 12” takes a long time to grow! Did I get mad? Well… yes. But I didn’t discover that my hair was “stuck” until late that night when I got in the shower. By then, it was too late to get mad at the kids. I will say that taking scissors to your own hair and chopping that much off is very scary.

What is your favorite social networking site?

I love twitter. It’s simple, engaging and the amount of information shared is amazing.

What makes you stand out on FB, Twitter, or Linkedin, or any social site that you use?

I hope my readers get a sense that it’s actually “me” replying to their comments, tweets, and questions. I’m very passionate about fresh food for our kids, parenting, and living well. No matter how big Super Glue Mom or MOMables™ grow, it will always be me engaging with those who follow. I consider it an honor that someone would take an interest on what I do and want to engage with me. My staff handles other aspects of our social media at MOMables™ but never the social media end.

What do you like most about social media?

I like being able to “connect” with people I wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to meet in real life. I love being inspired by conversations, blog posts, and messages. I also love that I can make a difference in other people’s lives by sharing my passion for fresh school lunches. Social media is pretty amazing if you ask me!

What do you like least about social media?

That is difficult to disengage. We live in a technology driven world where it’s very easy to stay connected. I don’t like feeling the pressure to reply immediately to a tweet, email or message, even though I know that is one thing people really appreciate about me. When you are trying to be present around your children… it can be difficult.

What does Branding mean to you?

Branding is the emotional response or the image someone gets when they think of me. It’s the message I am trying to convey to my readers every time they read about me.

If there is one area you could use help in social media, what would it be?

I would love an organizing fairy to come help me keep track of it all. Facebook decides to change the way it does things all the time and it takes me a while to figure out why I see less engagement. By the time I figure it out and fix it; they change something else.

What advice would you give to others trying to get started and noticed?

Start a blog and write. You don’t have to be the best but you do have to be consistent. If you want people to keep up with you your twitter name, FaceBook page, and blog name should be consistent. Consistency is key for branding.

What is your favorite blog?

It really depends what I am looking for. I love Family Fresh cooking because Marla’s recipes and photography are truly inspirational. Ted Rubin’s has a great blog because he is fantastic at creating relationships on social networks and his posts are authentic and thought provoking. There are so many to list! I hate to admit that I have a dedicated email for reading blog subscriptions and that my first cup of coffee in the morning is savored reading posts.

What is your favorite social media tool to use?

Since I love Twitter, I adore my second computer screen that is solely dedicated to Tweetdeck.

Do you think the number of followers and fans matter?

I think what matters is not the number of people who “follow” you; but the relationship you have with that number. I constantly ask myself: am I engaging? Am I caring? Am I contributing? Or, am I just filling up the Facebook-twitter-sphere.

What inspires you?

My family inspires me. My husband is my best friend and the most supportive person. He is right behind me while I am living my dream. My children are a constant reminder of the important things in life and give me reality checks often on how I’m doing. As a busy working parent I struggle to manage everything I am involved in, but I constantly tell myself that I can do everything, just not at the same time.