Why Should I Use Social Media?

What can we use Social Media for?
Build relationships
Network with like-minded people
Drive traffic to our website(s)
Sell our services/products
Show our expertise
Get support & motivation
Organize & promote events
Integrate with other websites
An alternative to a website
Monitor your brand awareness

Whether we like to admit it or not, social media is now a major part of our lives. From our homes, phones, businesses, educational systems and now health and not for profit sectors, we simply cannot escape the power of this major communicative tool.

Social media promotes participation, contributions and feedback within communities, which form quickly and communicate effectively, making them excellent for both personal and business needs. Most kinds of social media flourish on their connectedness, making use of links to other popular and useful websites, resources, groups, organizations and people.

Through social media you can find vast information, inspiration, like-minded people, varied communities and collaborators faster than ever before. You can get new ideas, products, services, business models and technologies emerging and evolving at records speeds.

Social media is like the glue that holds the online world (and ultimately all of us) together. If we lost this virtual reality, life would never be the same again, on or offline.

Internet gurus predicted that 2010 would see the integration of social media tools and platforms, through a single, unified experience. And moving forward in 2011 we can see that this unity is vital to meeting the ever growing digital and web user demands.

Facebook recently announced its user rates at 350 million, and this phenomenal figure accounts for 25% of the entire web’s traffic. 300,000 people are added to Twitter every day and YouTube exceeds 2 Billion views per day, with 24 hours of video uploaded every minute. We simply cannot escape this virtual monstrosity, with each set of figures rising each and every minute.

Businesses are starting to embrace social media, and now a cracking 94% of all enterprises are planning to invest in social media tools for business growth. Due to business user’s growing online stipulations, social media platforms are now adapting to meet, (and for many ardent webpreneurs), ‘exceed’ such virtual needs.

Social media can be massively time consuming. With the emergence of newer ways to communicate, share and promote online, it can often be seen as a virtual maze. When using social media for business, how do we best use our time and money? With only a few minutes a day, let alone hours, how do you even know the best route to success? And even for those who know how to utilise social media, many do not have the time to maintain their online brand presence.

Just because more people and businesses are starting to realize the positive effect social media has, doesn’t mean they know how to use it productively.

For most marketing plans it is vital to communicate to your clients and customers in the most original and relevant ways. And for now, this means following them into this virtual bubble. Therefore, it up to us, the web experts, to meet these expanding needs with innovative web platforms and through training people in business to utilize the power of social media, in the most simplistic, yet effective ways. Social media is fundamental to online success, and that is a fact that will continue to shape the future of our online communities.

Looking forward, social media users can expect to see solutions for saving much needed time and money, with the convergence of digital products and platforms. Mobile, TV, web, social media and video are now becoming entwined experiences, and in the evolving digital battle with virtual reality, people need simplistic solutions.