Facebook Formula to Success

People share, read & generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends & people they know & trust “. – Malorie Lucich, Facebook spokesperson

If you have a fanpage, I’m sure you there has been a time when you say “what should I post” or “when should I post” Believe it or not there is a formula to connect with your fans at the right time of the day. There are two or three main goals for each post, and here are few great formulas to achieve these goals -

To get likes, say “Click like if….” and keep the second part simple – This is a really simple formula. It’s all about whether people agree with. Choose something that you’re pretty sure 60 percent of your fans like. If you got a lot of fans from targeting a particular interest, you can be pretty sure they’ll respond positively to that.Tell them to click like if they like that thing.

To get comments, ask a question or say, “Tell me in the comments below” – followed by whatever you want to know – The best questions are open-ended, which means they get fill-in-the blank, not yes-or-no, answers.
To get clicks to your website or blog post, put the URL in the update – and say, “Click this link” and tell them why.

There is a method in keeping your fans engaged. Content is important and to get noticed by each “like” or “comment” you need to make sure you’re doing this properly.

Do you have a system that is working for you on your fanpage?