Am I Anti-Social?

So what you think about Branchout? BranchOut has me out on a limb. Have you been invited to Facebook’s professional networking entry into the LinkedIn world? It’s starting to clog my newsfeed. Yes, I am up on the latest trends presently testing out Google+, but Facebook’s Branchout may be another story for me. So yes, […]

Too Busy for Social Media?

I have a friend who runs a nationwide “traditional” business, and business has been down, like it has been for most people. I suggested that he add some social network marketing initiatives, and his answer was he is “too busy.” He is not alone, according to a recent study, which concludes that only 47% of […]


Happy Birthday USA! Today I am not only celebrating Independence day. I am also celebrating one year of blogging! I’m excited because one thing I can say is that for me that old saying about being “consistent” is so true! I made a commitment to myself to follow through on blogging. I love social media […]